Job Role



Virtual: 2 Full Day(s) or 4 Half Day(s)


Who should take this course?

This course is designed for new administrators who are responsible for managing, maintaining, and monitoring a Tableau site.

When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Create and manage a Tableau Server site that champions site planning best practices.
  • Explain the role of governance as it relates to Tableau Cloud and Tableau Server.
  • Publish data sources and workbooks that can be shared amongst team members.
  • Monitor Tableau site utilization, adoption, and content.

Please Note: This course is taught using a Tableau Server in a Windows Server environment.


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Lessons and Topics

Introduction to Tableau Server Sites

  • Define Tableau Server Sites
  • Understand Environment User Interface
  • Review Environment Portal Basics

Tableau Server User Interface

  • Examine the Navigation Panel
  • Discover the Help Menu
  • Execute Site-Level Searches Using Quick and Full Search

Site Users

  • Import Users from a .CSV File
  • Import an Active Directory (AD) Group
  • Determine User Permissions

Site Groups

  • Verify AD Group Settings
  • Create Local Groups
  • Add Users to Local Groups

Site Schedules

  • Review an Extract Refresh Schedule
  • Understand a Flow Schedule
  • Examine a Subscription Schedule

Tasks and Jobs

  • Run Extract Refreshes and View Their Jobs
  • Run Flows and View Their Jobs
  • Review Schedule and Alert Options

Site Projects

  • Configure the Default Project
  • Establish Default Project Permission Rules
  • Create Projects
  • Set Project Permission Rules

Data Source Publication

  • Publish a Data Source with a Live Connection
  • Review a Published Data Source in Ask Data
  • Create and Publish a Server File Extract
  • Create and Publish a Local File Extract
  • Certify a Data Source

Flow and Workbook Publication

  • Design and Publish a Flow Using Web Authoring
  • Publish a Workbook
  • Utilize Revision History
  • Manage Data Content

User Filters

  • Create Manual Workbook User Filters
  • Apply Automatic Workbook User Filters
  • Implement Automatic Data Source Filters

Site Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Manage Extract Refreshes
  • Evaluate Flows
  • Monitor Subscriptions

Workbook Performance

  • Diagnose and Improve a Low-Performing Workbook

Additional Site Administrator Views and Task Automation

  • Run a Schedule and Extract Refresh Using tabcmd
  • Set Up a Sales Team Using tabcmd