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Virtual: Blended Learning access for 14 Day(s)


Who should take this course?

Tableau Site Administration is designed for new site administrators tasked with the implementation, management, and monitoring of a Tableau site. This introductory course is offered as a blended learning experience comprising three instructor-led sessions plus self-paced eLearning lessons over the course of a two-week period. Note: This class is taught using Tableau Server in a Windows server environment.




Familiarity with Tableau Server.

When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Navigate the Tableau Cloud/Tableau Server user interface.
  • Understand the purpose and function of governance in Tableau Cloud/Tableau Server.
  • Plan the structure of a site.
  • Create groups and add users to groups.
  • Create projects and set project permissions.
  • Manage users and their content.
  • Publish data sources and workbooks.
  • Audit and monitor content.
  • Monitor site utilization and adoption.


Sample Course Schedule


This is a two-week blended learning course that includes three live sessions taught by Tableau Certified instructors, virtual labs for hands-on practice, and on-demand eLearning content for reinforcement. Below is a sample schedule of the course (actual class times and and hours may vary). The three live sessions are scheduled, and the e-Learning is self-paced.




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Lessons and Topics

Getting Started with Tableau Server

  • Understanding Basic Data Concepts
  • Reading Common Chart Types
  • Touring the Tableau Server UI


Tableau Server and Tableau Cloud Basics

  • Identifying Content Types and Pages
  • Interacting with Published Content
  • Understanding Governance and Your Role in It


Introduction to Site Administration

  • Getting Started with Site Administration
  • Touring the Site Administration Pages


Planning and Organizing a Site

  • About the identity store
  • Defining authorization in Tableau
  • Planning authorization to meet your needs
  • Reviewing the implementation process
  • Creating groups and adding users to groups
  • Defining permissions on the Default project
  • Creating projects
  • Setting project permissions


Managing Users and their Content

  • Add users through the user interface (UI)
  • Use a CSV file to import users
  • Modify site roles and remove users
  • Move content
  • Delete content and reassign content ownership
  • Rename content


Managing Projects

  • Review how to create projects from the UI
  • Set project descriptions
  • Define Project Leaders
  • Take actions on projects


Understanding Permissions in Tableau

  • Authorization and the Capability Hierarchy
  • Permission rules
  • Permission templates
  • Permission capabilities
  • Understanding how Tableau evaluates permissions
  • Overview of permissions best practices
  • Setting up default project permissions
  • Locking project permissions
  • Using groups for grantees
  • Setting permissions at the project and group levels


Being a Responsible Content Owner

  • Responsible content ownership


Publishing Data Sources

  • Published data sources
  • Extracts and extract refreshes
  • Filtering data sources
  • Certified data and data source recommendations


Publishing Workbooks

  • Publishing workbooks
  • Working with published workbooks


Auditing and Monitoring Your Content

  • For all content owners
  • For workbook owners
  • For data source owners


Site Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Working with Tasks
  • Using Administrative Views
  • Monitoring Site Utilization & Adoption
  • Identifying Stale Content
  • Monitoring Workbook Performance
  • Automatic Tasks with tabcmd