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In-Person: 3 Full Day(s)
Virtual: 3 Full Day(s) or 6 Half Day(s)

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Who should take this course?

This course is designed for Tableau Server administrators tasked with the installation and configuration of Tableau Server in addition to the implementation, management, or monitoring of sites. 

Note: This class is taught using Tableau Server in a Windows server environment. 

When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Plan a Tableau Server deployment.
  • Install and configure Tableau Server.
  • Add and manage users.
  • Create and implement a functional security model.
  • Publish, secure, and certify data sources.
  • Publish workbooks.
  • Manage extract refreshes, alerts, and subscriptions.


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Lessons and Topics

Tableau Overview

The Class Environment

  • Superstore Scenario


Planning a Tableau Server Deployment

  • Tableau Blueprint


Installing a Tableau Server

  • Installation Methods
  • Installing Server Software
  • Post Installation Configuration


Setting Security Features

  • Security Hardening
  • Setting Security Features


Installing Tableau Desktop on the Server

  • Deploying Tableau Desktop


Reviewing the Tableau Server UI

  • Server Content Types and Objects
  • Searching on Tableau Server
  • Importing Users from a CSV
  • Changing a User’s Site Role
  • Importing Individual AD Users
  • Importing AD Groups
  • Updating Account Settings
  • Reviewing the Server Status Page
  • Reviewing the General, Licenses, and Extensions Pages
  • Creating and Deleting a Site 
  • Editing a Project Name and Description 
  • Adding a Workbook Description 


Understanding Functional Security and Permissions

  • Viewing Project Permissions 
  • Removing Permissions on the Default Project 
  • Comparing Workbook Permissions in Unlocked and Locked Projects 


Implementing Functional Security

  • Creating Functional Local Groups 
  • Adding Users to Groups 
  • Creating Projects Using tabcmd 
  • Setting Permission Rules for Projects Using the UI 
  • Setting Default Permission Rules for Projects Using the REST API


Publishing, Securing, and Certifying Data Sources

  • Publishing a Data Source with a Live Connection 
  • Reviewing a Published Data Source in Ask Data Using a Lens 
  • Creating and Publishing a SQL Extract 
  • Creating and Publishing an Extract of a Local File 
  • Automatic Workbook User Filter 
  • Automatic Data Source User Filter 
  • Certifying a Data Source 


Publishing Workbooks

  • Publishing Content to a Sandbox Project 
  • Publishing Content to a Production Project 
  • Using a Backup to Populate Content 


Reviewing Recommended Data Sources and Revision History

  • Viewing Recommended Data Sources 
  • Viewing Data Source Revision History 
  • Viewing Workbook Revision History 


Working with Schedules, Tasks, and Jobs

  • Setting Extracts on a Refresh Schedule 
  • Setting a Data-Driven Alert 
  • Running an Extract Refresh 
  • Troubleshooting an Extract Refresh Failure 
  • Republishing the Local Extract 
  • Verifying the Resolution of the Extract Refresh Failures 
  • Subscribing to a View 
  • Running a Subscription 


Monitoring Server Status

  • Viewing Admin Alert Emails 


Auditing Server Activity

  • Viewing Server Status 
  • Archiving Log Files from the TSM UI
  • Archiving Log Files from the TSM Command Line
  • Using Logshark 
  • Publishing a Repository Data Source 


Monitoring Server Performance

  • Creating a Performance Recording 


Automating Daily Maintenance

  • Automating Daily Backups


Customizing Your Server

  • Customizing Tableau Server