Job Role

Business Analyst, Consultant, End User, Business User


In-Person: 3 Day(s)
Virtual: 3 or 5 Day(s)


Who should take this course?

This course provides comprehensive Tableau training for students who thrive in fast-paced classes. If you learn concepts and acquire new technology skills quickly, Tableau Desktop I & II: Accelerated provides an opportunity for you to achieve Tableau competency in a short amount of class time. This course accommodates authoring in Tableau Desktop, Tableau Cloud, and Tableau Server.

When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Connect to data and edit a data source.
  • Sort, filter, and group data.
  • Use the Tableau workspace to create a range of essential and advanced chart types for analysis.
  • Combine data from multiple tables using joins, unions, and relationships.
  • Use extracts to improve performance.
  • Create basic and more advanced calculations, including table calculations, to modify data as needed for analysis.
  • Use statistical techniques to analyze data.
  • Use parameters and input controls to support audience analysis.
  • Build interactive dashboards to reveal data insights, using techniques for guided analytics, interactive dashboard design, and visual best practices.          
  • Describe how to share and publish visualizations.


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