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Job Role

Business Analyst, Consultant, End User, Business User


In-Person: 3 Full Day(s)
Virtual: 3 Full Day(s) or 5 Half Day(s)

User Interface

Lightning Experience


Who should take this course?

This course provides comprehensive Tableau training for business users, analysts, and consultants who thrive in fast-paced classes. If you learn new concepts and acquire new technology skills quickly, Desktop I & II: Accelerated quickly facilitates Tableau competency. This course supports authoring in Tableau Desktop, Tableau Cloud, and Tableau Server.

When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Connect to data. 

  • Edit a data source.

  • Organize data to analyze content based on custom sorting and filtering.

  • Use the Tableau workspace to create visualizations.

  • Build a range of essential chart types for analysis.

  • Combine data from multiple tables using joins, unions, and relationships.

  • Use extracts to improve performance.

  • Create basic calculations, including quick table calculations.

  • Use advanced and table calculations to modify data for analysis.

  • Apply analytics to views.

  • Use parameters and input controls to support audience analysis.

  • Build advanced chart types, including bar-in-bar and bullet graphs.

  • Construct interactive dashboards to reveal data insights.

  • Design dashboards.

  • Describe how to share and publish visualizations.


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Lessons and Topics

Introduction to Tableau

  • Meet The Tableau Platform
  • Define Application Terminology
  • Assess Visual Cues for Fields
  • Follow The Tableau Workflow
  • List Elements of a Visualization
  • Get Started in Tableau


Connection and Data Source Setup

  • Access Tableau File Types and Extensions
  • Create a Live Data Connection
  • Save and Edit a Data Source
  • Modify Data Attributes
  • Understand Changes to Data


Data Simplification and Sorting

  • Filter Data
  • Creating Date Filters
  • Sort Data
  • Nest Sorting and Context Filters


Data Organization

  • Use Groups
  • Create and Use Hierarchies


Specific Value Access

  • Create Crosstabs
  • Generate Grand Totals, Subtotals, and Change Aggregation
  • Create Highlight Tables


Data by Date

  • Work with Dates in Tableau
  • Use Discrete Date Parts and Continuous Date Values


Multiple Measures in a View

  • Measure Values and Names
  • Combine or Share Axis Charts
  • Create Dual Axis Charts


The Relationship Between Numerical Values

  • Showing Correlations and Outliers with Scatter Plots
  • Create a Scatter Plot
  • Analyze Using the Highlighter
  • Analyze an Outlier Using Explain Data
  • Using the Analytics Pane
  • Trend Lines and Trend Model
  • Reference Lines and Bands


Data Connection Options

  • Data Connections Page
  • Physical and Logical Layers
  • Connecting to Single- and Multi-table Data Sources
  • Migrated Data Sources
  • The Data Pane User Interface
  • View Data
  • Joins (Inner, Left and Right, Full Outer)
  • Unions
  • Merging Fields
  • Relationship Levels of Detail
  • Setting up a Relationship Between Tables
  • Joins vs. Relationships
  • Combining Data Decision Tree
  • Creating Relationships Between Tables from Different Databases


Data Extracts

  • Use Data Extracts
  • Configure and Run an Extract
  • Compare Logical Tables and Physical Table Extracts


Data Customization

  • Use Calculations in Tableau
  • Define Calculation Types
  • Create and Edit Calculated Fields
  • Follow Formula Editor Conventions
  • Describe Types of Calculated Fields
  • Calculate and Aggregate
  • Aggregate Dimensions in Calculations
  • Enable String Functions
  • Split and Custom Split
  • Converyte Dates
  • Conduct Join Calculations
  • Discover LOD Expressions
  • Identify Syntax and Calculation Types


Quick Table Calculations

  • Discover Table Calculation Overview
  • Use Quick Table Calculations


Breakdowns of the Whole

  • Generate Pie Charts and Parts of the Whole
  • Create Tree Maps


Advanced Table Calculations

  • Follow Tips for Learning Table Calculations
  • Assess Levels of Control
  • Determine Table Calculation Scope and Direction
  • Define Table Calculation Specific Dimensions
  • Explore Other Scope and Direction Options
  • Null Values in Table Calculations
  • Use Rank To Show Biggest to Smallest
  • Conduct Table Calculations for Statistical Analysis



  • Use Parameters
  • Define Parameters and Filters
  • Apply Parameters with Reference Lines


Measured Comparisons

  • Compare Two Measures (Bar in Bar Chart)
  • Assess Progress Toward a Goal (Bullet Graph)


Data Subsets

  • Use Sets
  • Follow Tableau Order of Operations
  • Combine Sets
  • Discover In and Out Sets


Distribution Views

  • Display Bins and Histograms
  • Generate Box and Whisker Plots



  • Plan Your Dashboard
  • Build Your Dashboard
  • Add Interactivity with Filters and Actions
  • Add Actions to Your Dashboard
  • Enable Additional Dashboard Actions
  • Complete Set Actions
  • Discover Parameter Actions
  • Follow Visual Best Practices
  • Add Instructions & Annotations
  • Explore Tooltips
  • Remove Chart Extras
  • Publish Your Dashboard Online