Job Role

Business User


In-Person: 1 Day(s)
Virtual: 1 Day(s)

User Interface

Lightning Experience


Who should take this course?

This course is aimed at users with the Tableau CRM license who need to build effective lenses and dashboards for their business users to explore their data. It may also be of interest to users who are connecting and integrating this data, to understand how it is used in the lens and dashboard building process.

When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Build and manage apps in Tableau CRM
  • Design a dashboard based on requirements, and create a dashboard template
  • Create and add lenses to build a dashboard
  • Optimize a dashboard for mobile use

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Lessons and Topics

Managing Apps, Lenses, Dashboards, and Datasets

  • Overview of building and managing apps
  • Building an app
  • Manage apps, lenses, dashboards, and datasets

Designing a Dashboard and Creating a Template

  • Dashboard Building Overview
  • Designing a Dashboard
  • Create a dashboard template

Building a Dashboard

  • Building a Dashboard
  • Adding Charts, Tables, and KPIs to a Dashboard
  • Adding Filters to a Dashboard

Modify a Dashboard for Mobile

  • Translating Desktop Dashboards to a Mobile Device
  • Creating/Updating Mobile Dashboard Layouts