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Who should take this course?

This course is designed for experienced administrators and developers, in addition to solution architects, enterprise architects, and technical architects, who are responsible for building B2B multi-cloud solutions. It also caters to analysts, product owners, and project managers who want to understand the big picture of B2B Commerce in order to better manage their projects and programs. Ideally, you’re an application architect and hold the Platform Developer I, Platform App Builder, Data Architect, and Sharing and Visibility Architect credentials; however, this is not a requirement. This class is recommended for anyone working toward their Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect credential.




When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify cross-cloud solution requirements by asking relevant B2B Commerce questions to business stakeholders.
  • Recommend, design, and implement B2B Commerce solutions (Cart to Quote, Quote to Install, etc.) based on a given scenario.
  • Design domain-specific, multi-cloud solutions using Customer 360 to create frictionless B2B customer experiences that maximize business value.
  • Leverage B2B Commerce Cloud, Revenue Cloud, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, and Salesforce Field Service to build digital commerce solutions for B2B buyers.
  • Guide companies on multi-cloud solution journeys while emphasizing differentiating customer experiences.
  • Advocate for multi-cloud implementation considerations and best practices based on use case delivery knowledge.
  • Explain how sales, commerce, and marketing teams work together to provide a seamless customer experience.


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Lessons and Topics

B2B Solution Architect Overview

  • Define B2B from a Salesforce Perspective
  • Define Multi-Cloud Solutions
  • Define Solution Design
  • Explore Solution Architecture for Multi-Cloud Implementations
  • Understand the Relationship Between Connected Business Relationships and Meaningful Customer Experiences
  • Examine Various Product Clouds (Sales, Service, B2B Commerce, CPQ, PRM, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, and Field Service)
  • Learn Foundational Content (Data Strategies)
  • Understand the Role of a B2B Solution Architect
  • Review B2B Solution Architect Certification Exam Objectives (Discovery and Customer Success, Design, Data Governance and Integration, Delivery, and Operationalize the Solution)

Discovery and Customer Success

  • Introduction to Discovery
  • Understand the Business Problem
  • Define the Use Case
  • Identify Stakeholders
  • Communicate with Stakeholders and Multiple Departments
  • Answer Discovery Questions
  • Examine Artifacts (Solution Architect Diagrams, Journey Map Lifecycle, Business Process Maps)

Designing Cart to Quote Solutions

  • Design Solution Architecture for Multi-Cloud Implementation
  • Examine a Cart to Quote Use Case
  • Understand the Difference Between Direct and Indirect Sales
  • Learn About B2B Commerce and CPQ (Data Model, Data Flows, Products and Pricing, Connector)
  • Understand the CPQ Data Model
  • Review Artifact Solution Design for Cart to Quote Use Case 

Integration and Data Governance

  • Define Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Compare Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and ERP
  • Explore ERP in a System Engagement Framework
  • Learn About Salesforce APIs
  • Explore MuleSoft
  • Understand Salesforce Billing
  • Review Data Governance
  • Learn About the Benefits of Data Governance

Engaging with Customers Post-Sales (Service Cloud)

  • Examine a Configuration to Installation Use Case
  • Understand Quote to Installation Solutions
  • Learn About Field Service (Data Model, Data Flows, Products to Assets)
  • Review Artifact Solution Design for Configuration to Installation Use Case

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot)

  • Examine a B2B Marketing Use Case
  • Define B2B Marketing
  • Learn About Account-Based Marketing
  • Explore Sales Cloud, B2B Commerce, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Navigation, Data Model, Pardot, and All Clouds)
  • Review Artifact Solution Design for B2B Marketing Use Case

Case Study: Multi-Org and Multi-Cloud

  • Draw Solution Design
  • Present Solution Design
  • Adjust Solution Design Based on Critiques
  • Demonstrate Business, Delivery, and Technical Leadership
  • Examine a Multi-Org and Multi-Cloud Case Study