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Virtual: 4 Day(s)

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Who should take this course?

This class is designed for enterprise architects, solution architects, and business analysts working to earn their Salesforce System Architect credential, for consultants or technical experts working to earn their individual Architect credential, and for Salesforce Developers and Administrators looking to expand their overall capabilities with the Salesforce Platform. 



  • Platform Developer I credential
  • Experience working with Integration Projects, OAuth, and connected apps 


When you complete this course, you will be able to:

When you complete this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Recommend appropriate integration patterns (Remote Process Invocation — Request and Reply, Remote Process Invocation — Fire and Forget, Batch Data Synchronization, Remote Call-In, and UI Update Based on Data Changes) to address integration requirements.
  • Recommend appropriate integration capabilities (SOAP, REST, bulk, streaming, canvas, Workflow outbound, Apex, and Salesforce Connect) to address integration requirements.
  • Recommend the appropriate SSO Flow or OAuth flow to address identity and access management requirements.


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Lessons and Topics

Integration Overview

Integration Capabilities

  • Create, Retrieve, Update, or Delete Records with SOAP API
  • Integrate with Salesforce Using REST API
  • Insert, Update, Upsert, or Delete Large Volumes of Data with BULK API
  • Push Relevant Data to Users in Real Time with Streaming API
  • Send Information to a Designated Endpoint with Outbound Message
  • Integrate Your Apex with an External Service Using Callouts
  • Integrate Data from an External Data Source Using Salesforce Connect
  • Synchronize Data with Heroku Connect
  • Connect Business Processes in Salesforce with Platform Events
  • Publish Change Events with Change Data Capture

Integration Patterns

  • Invoke Remote Call-In Patterns
  • Invoke Request and Reply Patterns
  • Invoke Fire and Forget Patterns
  • Synchronize Batch Data 
  • Update UI Based on Data Changes
  • Visualize Data 

Integration Tools

Identity Management

  • Review SSO Fundamentals
  • Review Identity Management 
  • Review Identity Management Concepts
  • Understand Salesforce as an Identity Provider
  • Accept Third-Party Identity in Salesforce
  • Understand Social Sign-On and Open ID Connect
  • Enable Users to Authenticate with SSO Flows
  • Initiate Flows with IDP
  • Initiate Flows with SP 
  • Troubleshoot Identity Issues


  • Grant Client Application Access with OAuth Flow
  • Generate Access Tokens with Username Password Flow
  • Initiate Web Server Flow
  • Grant Application Access with User Agent Flow
  • Connect to Salesforce Using JWT Flow