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Who should take this course?

Preparing for Your Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification is designed for individuals who have experience designing Service Cloud solutions and are preparing to take the Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification exam.

You should have the following experience before attending this class:

  • Attainment and maintenance of the Salesforce Administrator Certification
  • Knowledge of the topics discussed in the Service Cloud Consultant Certification Study Guide
  • Experience implementing Service Cloud and designing Service Cloud solutions

When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Review the different exam objectives and their weighting on the exam
  • Understand the product areas to focus on to best prepare for the exam
  • Discuss how to design Service Cloud solutions to meet specific business needs
  • Assess your exam readiness by answering practice questions



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Lessons and Topics

Lesson 1: Introduction and Exam Overview

Lesson 2: Implementation Strategies

Lesson 3: Solution Design

Lesson 4: Knowledge Management

Lesson 5: Interaction Channels

Lesson 6: Case Management

Lesson 7: Contact Center Analytics

Lesson 8: Integration and Data Management

Lesson 9: Service Console

Lesson 10: Practice Exam