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Virtual: 1 Day(s)

User Interface

Lightning Experience


Who should take this course?

  • Individuals who have knowledge, skills, and experience developing front-end and/or back-end JavaScript applications for the web stack.
  • Developers who have experience designing, developing, testing, and deploying applications using an object-oriented programming language and would like to transfer those skills to building applications with JavaScript.

When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the different exam objectives and their weighting on the exam.
  • Know which JavaScript concepts to focus on to best prepare for your exam.
  • Study the provided repository of JavaScript sample code.


Prepare for the course with this Trailmix.

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Lessons and Topics

JavaScript Basics

  • Data Types and Variables
  • Type Conversion (explicit and implicit)
  • Collections
  • Working with Strings, Numbers, and Dates
  • Working with JSON

Objects, Functions, and Classes

  • Creating Objects
  • Defining Functions
  • Object Prototypes
  • Declaring Classes
  • Using JavaScript Modules

Browser and Events

  • Document Object Model
  • DOM Events
  • Browser Dev Tools

Debugging and Error Handling

  • Throwing and Catching Errors
  • Working with the Console

Asynchronous Programming

  • Callback Functions
  • Promises
  • Async/Await

Server Side JavaScript

  • Node.js CLI
  • Node.js Libraries
  • Debugging in Node.js
  • npm


  • Assertions
  • Types of Testing