Job Role

Admin, Marketer, Business User


In-Person: 3 Day(s)
Virtual: 3 Day(s)

User Interface

Lightning Experience


Who should take this course?

This course is designed for Pardot Marketers and Salesforce Administrators responsible for designing, building, and implementing marketing workflows and reports in the Pardot Lightning App. It’s also for Business Users looking to learn more about the Pardot Lightning App. This course is a great foundation builder for anyone looking to take the Salesforce Pardot Specialist Certification Exam. 

When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Enable the Pardot Lightning App.
  • Explain the relationship created between Pardot and Salesforce once the Pardot Lightning App has been enabled.
  • Generate leads with Pardot Lightning App’s various lead generation tools including Forms, Landing Pages, and Custom Redirects.
  • Manage leads with Pardot Lightning App’s lead management tools including Page Actions, Automation Rules, Segmentation Rules, Dynamic Lists, and Completion Actions.
  • Engage leads with Pardot Lightning App’s lead engagement tools including Email, Personalization, Dynamic Content, and Engagement Studio.
  • Qualify leads with Pardot Lightning App’s scoring and grading functionality.
  • Interpret data generated via Pardot Lightning App’s reporting capabilities.
  • Design and execute successful end-to-end marketing workflows using the Pardot Lightning App.


Prepare for the course with this Trailmix.

Class Registration

Lessons and Topics

Course Introduction

  • Review Course Objectives
  • Set Learner Expectations
  • Review Housekeeping Items
  • Review Additional Course Resources
  • Explore Course Case Study

Salesforce Integration

  • Understand the Pardot-Salesforce Relationship
  • Sync Data Between Salesforce and Pardot
  • Enable the Pardot Lightning App in Salesforce
  • Create Custom Fields
  • Review Salesforce Campaigns


  • Create a Pardot Dashboard
  • Authenticate Your Email Sending Domains
  • Sync with Third-Party Applications Using Connectors
  • Restore Assets from the Recycle Bin
  • Create and Assign Users and User Groups
  • Understand Usage Governance

Visitors and Prospects

  • Understand Pardot Visitors
  • Understand Pardot Prospects

List Management

  • Create List Types
  • Organize Prospects Using Static Lists
  • Test Emails Using Test Lists

Personalization and Email Marketing

  • Personalize Your Emails with HML and Advanced Dynamic Content
  • Automate Email Marketing
  • Create Email Templates
  • See What Works Best for Your Audience Using AB Testing
  • Track Email Performance Using Email Reports

Forms and Landing Pages

  • Capture Leads with Forms
  • Convert Visitors to Leads Using Landing Pages
  • Track Leads with Forms and Landing Page Reports
  • Track Clicks Using Custom Redirects
  • Create Custom Redirect Reports

Lead Management

  • Trigger Page Actions
  • Automate Actions from a Marketing Element Using Completion Actions
  • Create a List of Prospects and Apply a Segmentation Action Using Segmentation Rules
  • Create Repeatable, Criteria-Based Automation Rules
  • Create Dynamic Lists
  • Choose an Automation Tool

Lead Qualification

  • Understand Prospect Scoring
  • Grade Prospects Based on Profiles

Lead Nurturing

  • Build an Engagement Program
  • Create Engagement Program Reports