Job Role

End User, Marketer


Virtual: 30 Day(s)

User Interface

Lightning Experience


Who should take this course?

Trailblazer Virtual Bootcamp for New Marketers is designed for those who want to learn the fundamentals of marketing while leveraging the Marketing Cloud platform, with a flexible, self-paced learning schedule.




When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify various features and functionalities of Marketing Cloud.
  • Evaluate marketing strategies for lead generation efforts.
  • Produce assets related to lead generation efforts including landing pages, forms, and data extensions.
  • Create engaging emails using industry best practices.
  • Customize journeys to onboard prospects.
  • Measure relevant analytics and metrics related to the campaign.


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Lessons and Topics

Week 1: Marketing Cloud Overview

  • Understand Marketing Automation
  • Review Marketing Cloud Basics
  • Explore Marketing Cloud Products
  • View the Marketer Career Path
  • Review Marketing Cloud Resources

Week 2: Campaigns in Marketing Cloud

  • Recap Digital Marketing
  • Meet the Marketing Team
  • Review Content Organization
  • Introduce Marketing Cloud Campaigns
  • Understand Digital Strategy and Analytics

Week 3: Lead Generation in Marketing Cloud

  • Recap Lead Generation
  • Introduce CloudPages
  • Build Landing Pages
  • Dive into Data Extensions
  • Tour Contact Builder
  • Define Segmentation

Week 4: Content and Emails in Content Builder

  • Recap Email Marketing
  • Explore Content Builder
  • Build Content Blocks
  • Define Email Content Best Practices
  • Explore Email Testing Options

Week 5: Journey Builder Welcome Series

  • Recap Journey Builder Basics
  • Define Journey Builder Goals
  • Explore Journey Builder Activities
  • Build Welcome Series Journey
  • Introduce Path Optimizer
  • Edit Journeys

Week 6: Marketing Cloud Analytics

  • Recap Marketing Analytics
  • Tour Analytics Builder
  • Review Standard Reports
  • Explore Email and Journey Reports