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Your Tableau Training Pass Includes:
Unlimited live, virtual Tableau classes
Tableau certified instructors
Exclusive Content
Flexible learning schedule
Self-paced eLearning
Office hours

Become a Data Rockstar with Tableau

With the Tableau Training Pass, you’ll learn to:

Prep Your Data

  • Create flows in Tableau Prep Builder
  • Fix data inconsistencies with cleaning operations
  • Combine data with joins and unions
  • Shape data with pivots and aggregates
  • Configure data samples
  • Output prepared data for further use in Tableau

Visualize Your Data

  • Create views and dashboards in Tableau
  • Connect to one or more data sources
  • Build histograms, scatter plots, box plots & maps
  • Make views interactive with filters, parameters, and sets
  • Customize data with calculated fields
  • Publish your views for others to explore

Fine Tune Your Views

  • Use visual best practices in your Tableau views and dashboards
  • Learn the science of visual analytics
  • Leverage short-term and sensory memory
  • Present data that informs without misleading
  • Use chart types effectively
  • Increase the usability of your dashboards
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